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Signs and Banners

At A-Plus, we do signs!  And we do it well!  From small signs to large signs to lettering, we have you covered.  From wood signs to metal signs to vinyl banners, A-Plus covers them all.

A-Plus can create custom banners with your logo or just a simple banner to announce a sale and everything in between.  Our banners are well-made with re-enforced edges and grommets to help withstand the weather - heat, cold, and wind - and last longer than cheaper quick-made banners.  We use top-quality vinyl lettering, not ink.  That means longer durability and better wear-and-tear plus the ability for changes - such as an annual even like a church bazaar.  The banner can be re-used next year and we can actually remove the numbers in the date and put new ones to "change the date".  Try THAT with a printed banner!

Our signs are durable and long-lasting.  Signs can be manufactured in a variety of ways.  For years signs have been made out of wood.  Today's wood is more durable and longer-lasting.  We use MDO plywood which is a multi-layered plywood that's stronger and longer-lasting.  Many basic signs are MDO that's painted with vinyl lettering attached.  These basic signs are well-built and durable.  However we've expanded on that thought.  Some signs are also done on aluminum.  You see these around town as street signs and highway signs.  Vinyl adheres to aluminum quite well and lasts many years.  However unless being attached  to a building, sizes are limited because the larger the piece of aluminum, the more flemsy it can get.   We expanded on the above 2 thoughts and found that you can get the beauty and durability of vinyl and aluminum and the rigidness of wood by combining the two and actually doing the sign on aluminum and attaching it to wood for stability.  Another material that has become more popular over the years is corex.  Corex is just like cardboard, except it is plastic.  When you look at a cross-section of corex it looks just like cardboard, except it's plastic instead of paper.  This popular material holds vinyl very well and can also be attached to wood for rigidness or used alone.  Small corex signs can be used with metal stands that actually slip through the middle of the openings in the corex.  Small political signs are a great example of these....they're everywhere at election time!  Corex is inexpensive and easy to work with and mount so its popularity has grown over the last 10-15 years.   Corex signs can be large or small, free-standing on metal stands, mounted to wood, mounted directly to a building, or just about anything and the corex itself can be almost any color you can think of!

Got an electric sign whose face is faded?  Letters falling off?  Is the plastic face degraded, cracked or has holes in it?  A-Plus can re-do those faces for your electric sign.  We simply make a new face out of fiberglass and slide out the old face and slide in the new one!  This comes in especially handy if you buy a used electric sign or maybe and new building with an already-mounted electric sign and you need to replace the face so that the new face has your business name and logo on it. 

These are just a few of the ways A-Plus can help!  If you have any sign needs, talk to us!  We promise A-Plus service and A-Plus quality!